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Data Types
YellowThe byte(s) are unknown.
RedThe byte(s) are unused.
TealThe bytes are linked to a record.
GreenSpecifies a data type range
GrayThe byte(s) are known
Save Data
0000-00030004Entrance IndexStores the Entrance Link starts/respawns at.
0004-00070004Age0x0 Adult 0x1 Child
0008-000B0004Cutscene Offset 
000C-000D0002Time of Day 
000E0001Master Quest Flag?Could be a coincidence, but after a brief look at various saves, all Master Quest files had the value 0x1 on this byte, while all Regular files had the value 0x0.
001C-002B0010File NameUnicode
002C0001File Name Length 
002D0001Targeting Mode0x0 Switch 0x1 Hold
0030-00350006UnknownContains the string "ZELDAZ". If different, the save will be considered corrupt even if the checksum is valid.
0036-00370002Save CounterDoes not seem to be used ingame.
0038-003F0008UnknownEach of these bytes seem to always have the value DF
0042-00430002Heart Containers0x10 (16) 1 heart container
0044-00450002Health0x10 (16) 1 full heart
00460001Magic Meter Size0x0 None 0x1 Normal 0x2 Double
00470001Magic0x0 Empty 0x30 Normal Filled 0x60 Double Filled
0054-005F000CEquipment Data Record (Child)Stores what you've equipped as a child. The Child record is updated to the Current record when you turn into an adult.
0060-006B000CEquipment Data Record (Adult)Stores what you've equipped as an adult. The Adult record is updated to the Current record when you turn into a child.
007E-007F0002Scene IndexDetermines which scene Link starts/respawns at when you're in a dungeon.
0080-008B000CEquipment Data Record (Current)Stores what you currently have equipped.
008C-00A5001AItem Slot Data RecordStores which items you have on each Item Slot.
00A6-00B4000FItem AmountStores how many you have of each item.
00A60001Deku Stick 
00A70001Deku Nut 
00A90001Fairy Bow 
00AA0001Fire ArrowUnused.
00AB0001Din's FireUnused.
00AC0001Fairy Slingshot 
00B00001Ice ArrowUnused.
00B10001Farore's WindUnused.
00B30001Lens of TruthUnused.
00B40001Magic Beans 
00B50001Magic Beans AvailableThe amount of Magic Beans still available for purchase.
00B60001Sword & Shield 
00B70001Tunic & BootsAs long as you have the Iron/Hover Boots in this byte, the game will prevent you from overwriting the Iron/Hover Boots slots and revert the item back again.
00B80001Quiver, Bomb Bag & Strength0x1 Quiver (30) 0x2 Quiver (40) 0x3 Quiver (50); 0x8 Bomb Bag (20) 0x10 Bomb Bag (30) 0x18 Bomb Bag (40); 0x40 Goron Bracelet 0x80 Silver Gauntlets 0xC0 Golden Gauntlets
00B90001Dive Meter, Wallet & Bullet Bag0x2 Silver Scale 0x4 Gold Scale; 0x10 Adult's Wallet (200) 0x20 Giant's Wallet (500); 0x40 Bullet Bag (30) 0x80 Bullet Bag (40) 0xC0 Bullet Bag (50)
00BA0001Deku Stick & Nut Capacity0x2 Stick (10) 0x4 Stick (20) 0x6 Stick (30); 0x10 Nut (20) 0x20 Nut (30) 0x30 Nut (40)
00BC0001Medallions, Minuet & Bolero0x1 Forest Medallion 0x2 Fire Medallion 0x4 Water Medallion 0x8 Spirit Medallion 0x10 Shadow Medallion 0x20 Light Medallion 0x40 Minuet of Forest 0x80 Bolero of Fire
00BD0001Songs0x1 Serenade of Water 0x2 Requiem of Spirit 0x4 Nocturne of Shadow 0x8 Prelude of Light 0x10 Zelda's Lullaby 0x20 Epona's Song 0x40 Saria's Song 0x80 Sun's Song
00BE0001SoT, SoS, Spiritual Stones & Gear0x1 Song of Time 0x2 Song of Storms 0x4 Kokiri's Emerald 0x8 Goron's Ruby 0x10 Zora's Sapphire 0x20 Stone of Agony 0x40 Gerudo's Card 0x80 Golden Skull Token Display
00BF0001Heart Pieces0x0 0 Pieces 0x10 1 Piece 0x20 2 Pieces 0x30 3 Pieces
00C0-00D30014Dungeon Items0x1 Big Key 0x2 Compass 0x4 Dungeon Map
00C00001Deku Tree 
00C10001Dodongo's Cavern 
00C20001Jabu-Jabu's Belly 
00C30001Forest Temple 
00C40001Fire Temple 
00C50001Water Temple 
00C60001Spirit Temple 
00C70001Shadow Temple 
00C80001Bottom of the Well 
00C90001Ice Cavern 
00CA0001Ganon's Castle (Second Part) 
00CB0001Gerudo Training GroundUnused.
00CC0001Gerudo FortressUnused.
00CD0001Ganon's Castle (First Part)Unused.
00CE0001Ganon's Castle (Floor beneath boss chamber)Unused.
00CF0001Ganon's Castle (Crumbling)Unused.
00D00001Treasure Chest ShopUnused.
00D10001Deku Tree Boss RoomUnused.
00D20001Dodongo's Cavern Boss RoomUnused.
00D30001Jabu-Jabu's Belly Boss RoomUnused.
00D4-00E60013Small Key Amount0xFF Don't display keys
00D40001Deku TreeUnused.
00D50001Dodongo's CavernUnused.
00D60001Jabu-Jabu's BellyUnused.
00D70001Forest Temple 
00D80001Fire Temple 
00D90001Water Temple 
00DA0001Spirit Temple 
00DB0001Shadow Temple 
00DC0001Bottom of the Well 
00DD0001Ice CavernUnused.
00DE0001Ganon's Castle (Second Part)Unused.
00DF0001Gerudo Training Ground 
00E00001Gerudo FortressKeys only work on the appropriate cells.
00E10001Ganon's Castle (First Part) 
00E20001Ganon's Castle (Floor beneath boss chamber)Unused.
00E30001Ganon's Castle (Crumbling)Unused.
00E40001Treasure Chest ShopThis byte is set to FF whenever you enter the Treasure Chest Shop.
00E50001Deku Tree Boss RoomUnused.
00E60001Dodongo's Cavern Boss RoomUnused.
00E80001Golden Skull TokensOffset 0x00BE must contain the value 0x80 in order for the Golden Skull Token amount to be displayed on the gear screen.
00EC-0BF70B0CScene Data RecordsThere's one record for every scene. Each record has a length of 0x1C bytes.
0E7C-0E9B0020Farore's Wind DataStores all the data for the Farore's Wind warp point.
0E7C-0E8F0014Farore's Wind Coords & Rotation 
0E90-0E930004Entrance Index 
0E94-0E970004Map Index 
0E98-0E9B0004Is Set0x0 False 0x1 True
0EB4-0EC90016Skulltula FlagsStores which skulltulas you've collected. One byte for each dungeon and section of the world map.
0EB40001Deku Tree 
0EB50001Dodongo's Cavern 
0EB60001Jabu-Jabu's Belly 
0EB70001Forest Temple 
0EB80001Fire Temple 
0EB90001Water Temple 
0EBA0001Spirit Temple 
0EBB0001Shadow Temple 
0EBC0001Bottom of the Well 
0EBD0001Ice Cavern 
0EBE0001Hyrule Field 
0EBF0001Lon Lon Ranch 
0EC00001Kokiri Forest 
0EC10001Lost Woods 
0EC30001Death Mountain 
0EC40001Kakariko Village 
0EC50001Zora's Domain 
0EC60001Lake Hylia 
0EC70001Gerudo Valley 
0EC80001Gerudo's Fortress0x2 Near heart piece chest (Adult) (Night)
0EC90001Haunted Wasteland 
0ED0-0ED30004Horseback Archery Highscore 
0EDC-0EDF0004Horse Race Record TimeStored in seconds.
0EE0-0EE30004Marathon Record TimeStored in seconds.
0EEC-0???????Event Flags 
0F50-0F530004World Map Data 
0F58-12B70360Scarecrow's Song 
1370-1389001AItem Slot Data RecordStores which items you have on each Inventory Item Slot.
138A-13A10018Inventory Grid Data Record (Child)Stores the placement of each Item Slot in the 6x4 Inventory Grid.
13A2-13B90018Inventory Grid Data Record (Adult)Stores the placement of each Item Slot in the 6x4 Inventory Grid.
13BC-13CF0014Save TimestampUsed for the timestamp in the File Selection Menu. The file with the most recent timestamp will be selected by default in the file selection. If you save two files the same minute, it'll pick the first one.
13D40001? & Sheikah Interaction Flag0x1 Unknown. 0x2 You've interacted with the Sheikah Stone.
1450-14730024Boss Battle Victories 
1454-14570004King Dodongo 
145C-145F0004Phantom Ganon 
1468-146B0004Bongo Bongo 
1474-14970024Boss Battle Record TimeThe record time is stored in the total amount of seconds multiplied by 30. (It is timed in frames)
1478-147B0004King Dodongo 
1480-14830004Phantom Ganon 
148C-148F0004Bongo Bongo 
1498-14D70040Sheikah Stone Guide FlagsSheikah Stone Guide State. Each guide uses 2 bits. The 2nd bit is set to 1 when you've seen the guide. The 1st bit is 1 by default, but is set to 0 if you haven't cleared the guide after watching it.
14980001Hyrule & Deku Tree0x01 Clearing the Cobwebs 0x04 Through the Spider's Web 0x10 Breaking and Entering 0x40 Where the Sword Sleeps
14990001Deku Tree0x01 Twenty-Three Is Number One 0x04 Webbed Feet 0x40 Waterlogged Limbo
149A0001Deku Tree & Hyrule0x01 Moving a Heart of Stone 0x04 Up the Mountain Trail 0x10 Rise and Shine 0x40 Gohma Battle
149B0001Dodongo's Cavern0x04 A Bumper Crop 0x10 Carrying a Torch 0x40 A Weighty Dilemma
149C0001Hyrule & Dodongo's Cavern0x01 Something in Your Eyes 0x10 Blasting and Entering 0x40 The Wall above the Ladder
149D0001Dodongo's Cavern & Hyrule0x01 Entering Zora's Domain 0x04 King Dodongo Battle 0x10 Onward and Downward 0x40 If the Block Fits...
149E0001Hyrule & Jabu-Jabu's Belly0x01 Reaching the Far Shore 0x10 Finding the Wayward Princess 0x40 Taking a Dive
149F0001Jabu-Jabu's Belly0x01 Unstable Footing 0x4 Bigocto Battle 0x40 Removing the Red Tentacle
14A00001Jabu-Jabu's Belly & Hyrule0x01 The Princess's Plea 0x04 Barinade Battle 0x10 Reaching Past Barriers 0x40 Weighing it Down
14A10001Hyrule & Forest Temple0x01 All's Well 0x04 Blue Block Blues 0x10 Bird's-Eye View 0x40 A Grave Secret
14A20001Forest Temple0x04 The Art of Exorcism 0x10 Undoing the Twist 0x40 Building Blocks
14A30001Forest Temple0x01 One Last Ghost 0x04 Paranormal Puzzle 0x10 The Sky is Falling 0x40 A Cold Look
14A40001Forest Temple, Hyrule & Fire Temple0x01 The First Goron 0x04 Reaching the Fire Temple 0x10 Phantom Ganon Battle 0x40 A Revolutionary Room
14A50001Fire Temple0x01 Rising Flames 0x04 The Third Goron 0x40 The Second Goron
14A60001Fire Temple0x01 The Sixth Goron 0x04 The Fifth Goron 0x10 The Fourth Goron 0x40 Bypassing the Flame Walls
14A70001Fire Temple0x01 The Dancer in Flames 0x10 The Seventh Goron
14A80001Fire Temple0x10 Totem Toppling 0x40 Spiraling toward Treasure
14A90001Hyrule & Ice Cavern0x01 Gathering the Silver Rupees 0x04 A Frozen Cave
14AA0001Ice Cavern & Hyrule0x01 To the Water Temple 0x04 Reviving King Zora 0x10 Sliding Puzzle 0x40 Blue Fire, Red Ice
14AB0001Water Temple0x01 The Beached Block 0x10 Twin Flames 0x40 Low Tide
14AC0001Water Temple0x04 The Mark in the Tower 0x10 Through Troubled Waters
14AD0001Water Temple0x01 Level Up...and Down 0x10 The Third Mark 0x40 Beyond the Wall
14AE0001Water Temple0x01 Stonesetting 0x04 Underwater Sliding Puzzle 0x10 Raging River 0x40 Your Own Worst Enemy
14AF0001Water Temple & Hyrule0x01 Shooting for the Morning Sun 0x04 Morpha Battle 0x10 Entering Unfriendly Waters
14B00001Hyrule & Shadow Temple0x04 The Winged Boots 0x10 Earning the Eye of Truth 0x40 Down the Well
14B10001Hyrule & Shadow Temple0x04 Into the Shadow Temple 0x40 Pointing toward Truth
14B20001Shadow Temple0x01 Fire, Fire Everywhere... 0x04 Rupees out of Reach 0x40 The Stone Umbrella
14B30001Shadow Temple0x01 A Buried Key 0x04 Walking on Air 0x40 Against the Wind
14B40001Shadow Temple0x01 The Dark Path 0x04 A Bridge from an Arrow 0x10 The Walls Close In! 0x40 Preparing to Set Sail
14B50001Shadow Temple & Hyrule0x01 Captive Carpenters: Part II 0x04 Captive Carpenters: Part I 0x10 Canyon Crossing 0x40 Bongo Bongo Battle
14B60001Hyrule & Spirit Temple0x01 Return Another Time 0x04 Desert Journey 0x10 Captive Carpenters: Part IV 0x40 Captive Carpenters: Part III
14B70001Spirit Temple0x01 Lighting Up the Sun 0x04 Fenced In 0x10 Anubis's Weakness 0x40 Reaching around Corners
14B80001Spirit Temple0x01 The Fearsome Iron Knuckle 0x04 Silver and Fire 0x10 Sun Block
14B90001Spirit Temple0x04 Rising Above 0x40 Spirit Temple Revisited
14BA0001Spirit Temple0x01 Anubis Trio 0x10 In Good Hands 0x40 Lighting the Way
14BB0001Spirit Temple0x04 Moment of Reflection 0x40 Baiting the Armos
14BC0001Spirit Temple0x04 Let There Be... 0x40 Trap Doors
14BD0001Spirit Temple0x04 Twinrova Battle 0x40 The Goddess's True Face
14C10001Ganon's Castle0x01 The Final Battle 0x04 Ganondorf Battle
14C20001Fire Temple0x10 The Eighth Goron 0x40 Hidden in the Hallway
14C30001Bonus0x01 Farore's Blessing 0x04 Din's Blessing 0x10 Four-Legged Friend 0x40 Finding Fairies
14C40001Bonus0x01 Defensive Mastery 0x04 Magic Mastery 0x10 Sword Mastery 0x40 Nayru's Blessing
14C50001Bonus0x10 Riding Farore's Wind
14C70001Fire Temple0x01 Volvagia Battle 0x04 The Final Goron
Equipment Data Record
0000-000B000CEquipment DataStores what you currently have equipped.
00000001B Button 
00010001Y Button 
00020001X Button 
00030001I Button 
00040001II Button 
00050001Y Button Slot 
00060001X Button Slot 
00070001I Button Slot 
00080001II Button Slot 
000A0001Sword & Shield0x1 Kokiri Sword 0x2 Master Sword 0x3 Big Goron Sword 0x10 Deku Shield 0x20 Hylian Shield 0x30 Mirror Shield
000B0001Tunic & Boots0x1 Kokiri Tunic 0x2 Goron Tunic 0x3 Zora Tunic 0x10 Kokiri Boots 0x20 Iron Boots 0x30 Hover Boots
Item Slot Data Record
0000-0019001AItem Slot DataByte 008C-00A5 stores which items you have on each item slot. Byte 1370-1389 stores which items you have on each inventory item slot.
00000001Deku Stick 
00010001Deku Nut 
00030001Fairy BowWhen changing Arrow in the sub-menu, this value is changed.
00040001Fire ArrowFire Arrow is not set in the inventory item slot as it isn't used as an inventory item.
00050001Din's Fire 
00060001Fairy Slingshot 
00070001OcarinaOcarina is not set in the inventory item slot as it isn't used as an inventory item.
000A0001Ice ArrowIce Arrow is not set in the inventory item slot as it isn't used as an inventory item.
000B0001Farore's Wind 
000D0001Lens of Truth 
000E0001Magic Beans 
000F0001Megaton Hammer 
00100001Light ArrowLight Arrow is not set in the inventory item slot as it isn't used as an inventory item.
00110001Nayru's Love 
00120001Bottle #1 
00130001Bottle #2 
00140001Bottle #3 
00150001Bottle #4 
00160001Adult Trade Item 
00170001Child Trade Item 
00180001Iron BootsIf you have the boots in the Tunic&Boots byte you can't write another item onto this slot without having it revert back whenever you open the Item Menu, load a scene, or watch a cutscene.
00190001Hover BootsIf you have the boots in the Tunic&Boots byte you can't write another item onto this slot without having it revert back whenever you open the Item Menu, load a scene, or watch a cutscene.
Scene Data Record
0000-001B001CScene DataThere's one record for every scene. Each record has a length of 0x1C bytes.
0000-00030004Chest FlagsStores which chests you've opened.
0004-00070004General FlagsStores everything that isn't stored in the other Scene Data offsets.
0008-000B0004Room Clear FlagsThese flags prevent most enemies from spawning. One bit is reserved per room.
000C-000F0004Permanent CollectablesStores whether or not you've obtained particular collectables. (Heart Containers, Keys, etc.)
0014-001B0008Visited RoomsStores what rooms you've visited. Used for maps.
Inventory Grid Data Record
0000-00170018Inventory Grid DataStores the placement of each Item Slot in the 6x4 Inventory Grid.
00000001Slot (0,0) 
00010001Slot (1,0) 
00020001Slot (2,0) 
00030001Slot (3,0) 
00040001Slot (4,0) 
00050001Slot (5,0) / I Button 
00060001Slot (0,1) 
00070001Slot (1,1) 
00080001Slot (2,1) 
00090001Slot (3,1) 
000A0001Slot (4,1) 
000B0001Slot (5,1) / X Button 
000C0001Slot (0,2) 
000D0001Slot (1,2) 
000E0001Slot (2,2) 
000F0001Slot (3,2) 
00100001Slot (4,2) 
00110001Slot (5,2) / Y Button 
00120001Slot (0,3) 
00130001Slot (1,3) 
00140001Slot (2,3) 
00150001Slot (3,3) 
00160001Slot (4,3) 
00170001Slot (5,3) / II Button
Scene Data Flags
00EC-00EF0004Deku Tree Chest FlagsSlingshot 0x2, B1 Chest 0x10, 3F Small Chest 0x40
00EC-00EF0004Deku Tree Chest Flags (Master Quest)Map 0x8, Slingshot 0x40
0108-010B0004Dodongo's Cavern Chest Flags0x1 Map
010C-010F0004Dodongo's Cavern General Flags0x20 Breakable Wall (Map Chest)